Selflessness: Mama Bonite and the Jacmel Children’s Center

Donations for To Haiti With Love and the Global Seva Challenge will support several incredible projects in Haiti. One is the Jacmel Children’s Center. In a rural community outside Port-Au-Prince, hundreds of children who were orphaned by the earthquake are living day-to-day, by the selfless service of local community leader, Bonite Affriany. “Mama Bonite,” as the children call her, feeds and educates more than 275 children everyday. Most importantly, she provides these children with love and support that many do not get anywhere else, but even so then they must return to their tents or the streets.

Yogini and Off the Mat leader Lisa Rueff, along with her husband, are spearheading a project to build the Jacmel Children’s Center, a property that would house many of the children Mama Bonite cares for, as well as providing education, art opportunities, and refuge to many other children and serving as a gathering place for the community.

Off the Mat co-founder Suzanne Sterling, who recently traveled to Haiti, wrote of her journey: “Every Haitian I met was extremely proud of their country and their people and expressed the need for empowerment through employment. . . self sufficiency as opposed to another hand out or another temporary shelter.  In other words, they were asking for our assistance in their long term vision and sustainability.”

That’s what the Seva Challenge is all about. Please support To Haiti With Love so the Jacmel Children’s Center can become a reality. Read about the other incredible partners and projects we are supporting.

1 thought on “Selflessness: Mama Bonite and the Jacmel Children’s Center

  1. These phtoos are haunting. And beautiful. And they change a person inside. That’s a rare thing that you’ve accomplished. And it’s something to be proud of.

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