The following is a list of some of the organizations that the 2011 Global Seva Challenge will support. Courtesy of Off the Mat, Into the World.

Association of the Peasants of Fondwa (APF)

Mission: The Association of Peasants Fondwa (APF) is a grassroots organization that has worked hand in hand with the peasants of Fondwa since 1988. APF envisions a new rural Haiti, one which is populated with sustainable and holistic communities that actively promote the civil and human rights of the poor. 

Project: Building a Community Center
After the devastating earthquake, all of APF’s projects and infrastructure was completely destroyed. This Community Center will become the hub of all activities for APF. It will house the following, all of which are income-generating activities for the organizations:

-Internet Café
-Radio Station (Radyo Zetwal)
-Credit Union
-Sewing business
-Market area with coffee shop, bakery, small commodities store, and boutique
-Family Health Center
-Guestrooms for donors, international visitors, and volunteers
-Tree Nursery with Mango and Papaya on grounds
-Conference rooms for community to rent out
-Cold Storage for processing fruit on grounds (container)
-Additional office space to rent out

This project will allow APF to get back on its feet and begin their development programs in the community once again. It will create jobs in the community, teach valuable vocational skills, serve as a base for all APF supporters to visit, and provide an income to support the organization.


Helping Hands for a Sustainable Haiti in partnership with KALMI

Mission: Helping Hands for a Sustainable Haiti focuses on culturally appropriate solutions for and by Haitians. They work on rebuilding an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable Haiti.

KALMI (Kombit Ayisyen Pou LAvi Miyo or Haitian Committee for a Better Life) is a grassroots group formed by Haitians and run by Haitians infected or affected by HIV/AIDS in Jacmel and Southeast Haiti. Community leaders of KALMI help 800+ members get financial assistance, medical care, and health education in an attempt to improve their standard of living.

Project: Camp Pinchinat Resettlement Project for Women and Children living with HIV/AIDS
Camp Pinchinat is the largest IDP (internally displaced persons) camp in Jacmel, housing over 1,000 families. The camp is housed within a soccer stadium and families are crammed into tents with no access to electricity. Lack of light at night presents major security issues for women and fires break out on a daily basis due to unattended candles. This project will create a permanent, sustainable community village for women and children with HIV/AIDS that currently live in Camp Pinchinat. The project aims to resettle all 800 members of KALMI in their own homes and land.

Land and 100-150 homes are needed for this project. A small community learning center housing women’s empowerment training, sewing, micro-loans, entrepreneurial programs, green building training, computers, an open source school, and a women’s health clinic would be part of this project. Since we are dealing with a population based solely on women and their children, these activities are essential to educate and protect them. The village will implement income-generating projects such as tree nurseries, chicken coops, organic farms, and recycling for profit.


H20 Haiti | LifeGivingForce Foundation

Mission: Life Giving Force (H20 Haiti) is a non-profit dedicated to providing safe, clean drinking water where people need it most. In response to the recent earthquake in Haiti, LGF has served over 100,000 people with safe, clean water. Their current focus is on assisting communities and schools with long term clean water solutions to aid in recovery and assist economic development.

Project: Installation of clean water systems and recycling kiosks in Fondwa through APF and Jacmel through the new KALMI settlement.

This project will include the following at each location:
-Water purification solution with a capacity of 20,000 liters per day
-Water education to highlight the important of hygiene and clean water in preventing water-borne disease
-Clean water for-profit to support the community
-Water entrepreneurship training program
-Long term support and maintenance for first 2 years and staff training
-Solar paneled recycling kiosks for plastic bottles
-Recycling education and training including hand washing stations, safety tools, manual balers, and recycling devices

This setup will not only allow for clean water access but provides an essential educational piece and an income-generating element which in turn creates jobs in the community.


Fonkoze/ Zafen

Mission: Fonkoze is Haiti’s Alternative Bank for the Organized Poor. They are the largest micro-finance institution offering a full range of financial services to the rural-based poor in Haiti. Fonkoze is committed to the economic and social improvement of the people and communities of Haiti and to the reduction of poverty in the country.

Zafèn is a community of experienced and first-time lenders/donors who believe in the power of enterprise to foster sustainable economic development in Haiti. Your contributions will allow Haitians to create jobs, promote sound business practices and demonstrate a path to self-sufficiency for new entrepreneurs.

Project: Micro-finance education

Either Fonkoze or Zafen representatives will meet with the OTM group at the beginning of trip to provide micro-financing education and introduce the group to recipients of micro-loans. Fonkoze is already connected to APF and KALMI and provides essential financial support for these organizations and their members.